Made Something!

In other "things I have been slacking on blogging about" news - I made something. I pinned something to my DIY Pinterest board and then I actually made it instead of letting it sit there! I think all my other pins are jealous!

My Inspiration
(Unfortunately the Pinterest link leads to nowhere, so I have no idea who came up with this clever idea).

EDIT: The picture above seems to have been deleted, but thanks to a commenter below, this is the source of the idea: https://shop.foursided.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=ticket+box

We had tons of tickets hanging around in our "memory drawer" (aka the slacker version of a scrapbook) and this looked really easy to do (turns out it was pretty easy!).

I bought a cheap shadowbox at Michael's during one of their sales. Looking back I wish I'd sprung for a more expensive "wood" frame because the one I bought turned out to be some sort of wood looking plastic and it was really hard to Dremel through the top to make the slit. Wood would have been MUCH easier. 

Anyway, all I did was cut some fabric to fit the back of the shadow box. The one I bought came with some sort of felt backing, which left lots of tape exposed when I peeled it off so I just stuck the fabric right on. My original intent was to wrap it and staple it, but the little prongs that hold the back to the frame wouldn't have worked with that plan. The double stick tape turned out to be a great, unexpected solution. 

Then the Buzzband Dremeled a slit in the top of the frame, which I am realizing I did not capture on film. 

We just hung it on the wall and now when we go to a show or something that has a "ticket" we just drop in in the slot and there they stay!

I do intend on ordering or making some sort of "Admit One" plaque like the original, but for now it works just fine like it is.


  1. Hi! I have a question.... How did you get the slit on top!? Thanks!!!

  2. We just used a Dremel tool and used the little circular blade type attachment and then smoothed the hold with the sand paper attachment.

  3. The original pin is from a small shop in Chicago called Foursided. It's a really cool place. They make lots of these. http://www.foursided.com/uncategorized/what-will-you-put-in-your-ticket-box